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The Turbo supercharger is applying to different type of heavy duty trucks. Turbo supercharger can be used for Sinotruk model, Shaccman model and other model heavy duty truck.
The Super charger or tubro charger is kinds of consumable parts, We have our own spare parts depot and the stock is plenty , so that we can provide immediate delivery to our clients.


The turbo charger is actually a kind of Air compressor that increases the air intake through the compressed air.  The turbo charger uses the inertia of the exhaust gas from the engine to drive a turbine inside the Turbine Chamber, which in turn drives a coaxial impeller that pressurizes the air from the air filter pipe into the cylinder. As the engine speeds up, the exhaust speeds increase in step with the turbine speeds, and the impeller compresses more air into the cylinder, increasing the pressure and density of the air to burn more fuel, by increasing the amount of fuel and adjusting the speed of the engine, the output power of the engine can be increased.


Specification of turbo supercharger 

Part name Turbo charger
Part No. 612600118895
Size 215*295mm
weight  19.55kg
Applicable models heavy truck
Quality Assurance Service 1 year