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The semi trailer support leg, commonly known as the outrigger, is located at the front end of the semi-trailer frame, and is used after the semi-trailer is detached from the tractor. Because of the special structure of the semi-trailer, the semi-trailer and the tractor after separation, can only rely on the outrigger support to keep stable.
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The support leg of the semi trailer plays the role of supporting the trailer, and the height can be adjusted arbitrarily. Outrigger can be divided into internal and external two types, outrigger has weighted and ordinary


The built-in outrigger of the semi-trailer is the supporting device of the trailer. Support leg is used to support the ground when the tractor is disconnected from the trailer, to bear the load of the front half of the semi-trailer, to make the supporting device rise and fall in fast and slow gear by rotating the handle, and to use high gear for no-load, low gear is used for overloading. Built-in outrigger is geared inside the outrigger tube to allow the outrigger to have less self-weight.