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Supply capacity10000

The role of the shaft sleeve is to protect the main shaft from wear, shaft sleeve and seal together constitute the pump Shell and shaft seal
The shaft sleeve is applying to different type of heavy duty trucks.The shaft sleeve can be used fo Sinotruk model, Shaccman model and other model heavy duty truck.
The shaft sleeve is kinds of consumable parts, We have our own spare parts depot and the stock is plenty , so that we can provide immediate delivery to our clients.


Sleeve helps to protect the bearings, reduce bearing wear, increase the life of the bearings,  sleeve is also easy to replace the sleeve on the rotating shaft to play a positioning or protecting the role of the shaft, such as between the shaft and packing to use the sleeve, the shaft sleeve is replaced when worn, low Cost; high replacement cost if shaft is worn out. Generally cast iron can be made, can also be made of cast steel.


We can supply 10000 pcs in one day and you don't need to wait for produce. By the way, We have stable cooperation with our spare parts manufacture, the long cooperation insure a reliable quality of sapre parts.