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The oil seal is the general seal the customary title, simply said is the lubricating oil seal. Oil Seal is generally divided into monomer type and assembly type, assembly type is the framework and lip materials can be free combination, generally used for special oil seal.
Oil seal is used for engine crankshaft and camshaft sealing semi-trailer transmission system (such as gear box, hub, axle, differential) sealing
The oil seal is kinds of consumable parts, We have our own spare parts depot and the stock is plenty , so that we can provide immediate delivery to our clients.


The oil seal is mainly composed of sealing body, reinforcing frame and self-tightening coil spring. The sealing body is divided into bottom, waist, cutting edge and sealing lip according to different parts

The outer edge of the oil seal keeps the oil seal in the cavity hole and prevents the fluid from leaking and invading from the contact surface between the outther surface of the oil seal and the inner surface of the cavity. In addition the metal skeleton is when the oil seal is fixed in the cavity, plays the role of keeping the combining force.



The advantage of our oil seal:

  1. The sealing function of the oil seal is good and the service life is long. For the machine vibration and spindle eccentricity have a certain degree of adaptability.

  2. Easy to disassemble and inspect the oil seal. 

  3. Oil Seals are cheap.


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