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Supply capacity10000

The oil pressure sensor is applying to different type of heavy duty trucks. Oil pressure sensor can be used for Sinotruk model, Shaccman model and other model heavy duty truck.
The oil pressure sensor is kinds of consumable parts, We have our own spare parts depot and the stock is plenty , so that we can provide immediate delivery to our clients.


Oil Pressure Sensor is a device that converts pressure signal into Electric Signal through piezoresistive effect. Oil Pressure Sensor is one of the most commonly used sensors in industry. As an important part of hydraulic equipment, pressure sensor is used for pressure measurement and control. Oil pressure sensor can accurately measure the pressure to be measured and transmit the test result to follow-up display or control.


Our oil pressure sensor for heavy duty truck is original, OEM quality, the oil pressure sensor has a good long service life.

Our company has export oil pressure sensor of heavy duty truck to serval countries and Our company has own spare parts depot, so that we have these common parts in stock in plenty  which garantees our supplying capacity.