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Gas cylinder play an important role in semi trailer. There are many places on the truck with gas, small to the clutch whistle, large to the brake, if there is no gas cylinder, only air compressor pump air, far from enough. At this point it is necessary to pump the air out of the air compressor and stored in the gas reservoir, waiting for the critical moment to use.


Gas cylinder is used to solve the problem of  the contradiction of air consumption in short period, meanwhile,once  air compressor failure or other unexpected events (such as power failure) gas cylinder can be used for temporary emergency ;


The unstable use of gas for gas-using equipment will lead to the constant change of the working load of the compressor, which will not only affect the working efficiency and service life of the compressor, but also cause the shortage of gas supply and affect the production. The air supply can be replenished and adjusted in time by using the gas storage tank, which plays the role of balance and buffer. Especially when the gas load changes frequently, the gas storage tank with large capacity should be chosen.