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The expansion tank is designed to absorb and compensate the coolant and water vapor when the engine cooling system works. Therefore, in general, the expansion tank is an essential part of the engine cooling system, the fundamental role is to assist the engine cooling system to complete the engine cooling, prevent engine high temperature, to ensure normal engine work.


The expansion tank is a container made of plastic and is sized to meet the needs of the vehicle. The engine expansion tank has a simple structure with a cover on top and two flexible rubber snorkels (one for the air outlet and one for the air intake)


The cooling fluid flowing through the engine water jacket absorbs the heat generated by the engine and produces a large number of steam bubbles. Before entering the pump circulation, the air bubble will enter the expansion tank through the snorkel, playing the role of liquid-gas separation. Some of the water vapor will liquefy and reenter the cooling cycle. Some of the water vapor will be discharged into the air due to expansion of the water tank space and pressure.


The expansion box for the truck has the advantages of high mechanical strength of the box body, simple manufacturing process, corrosion resistance and so on, greatly extending the service life of the expansion box.