Product originChina

Delivery time 45 days

Supply capacity 1000 pcs

* Chongqing NT855-C280S10 engine features strong power and high efficiency and
* The high-reliability power shift transmission, the stable hydraulic torque converter,
and the two-stage spur gear final drive feature high power transmission efficiency.
* The engine can run normally and reliably under all load conditions and all hot
environments required by the user without overheating.
* It can realize the automatic diagnosis and whole-process monitoring of 
malfunctions. The integrally injection molded instrument panel integrates the A/C,
electric devices, and instruments, featuring a beautiful appearance and high grade


Rated Power of the Coal bulldozer:

Engine Model: Cummins NT855-C280S10; Weichai

Operating Weight: 24.6 Tons


Features of the Coal bulldozer:

Features advanced technologies, high reliability, low fuel consumption, and convenient maintenance. The high-capacity coal shovels and the engine intake prefilter are suitable for transferring, paving, and piling of coals.


The chassis system of coal bulldozer is as bellow:

The semi-rigid suspension and travel track rollers always in touch with the track could enlarge the ground area of the track and thus raise the bulldozer traction.

The strength king-pin tracks are developed especially for the poor working condition, suitable for all the load-bearing capacities.